Volunteer Resources

Information for all Volunteers
Inclement Weather Policy:

Please contact staff at 252-752-0829 at 9am to see if there are any closures due to the weather.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Community Crossroads Center does not discriminate in any way.  Please read the information in the document below.  You will need to sign and date a sheet stating that you have read, understand and agree with this information.  Those sheets can be found in the Kitchen on the white board, Respite Room and Clothes Closet check in areas.  If you cannot locate them please ask Volunteer Coordinator.

Blood Born Pathogens:

For the health and safety of all volunteers and residents of the Shelter, please become familiar with the safety precautions you will find in this YouTube presentation.  Blue nitrile gloves can be found in the Kitchen hanging on the white board, Respite Quarters Kitchen on top of the pantry, and Clothes Closet at the check-in desk.  Please do not use these gloves for food handling or routine clean-up.  These should be used for personal safety when needed.

Covid-19 Policy:

Wanda is writing this now.

Information for Breakfast Volunteers
Breakfast Procedures

Please arrive by 6 am.  Read the menu for the day and read the recipes, all in the blue breakfast binder.

Set out 50-60 plates and silverware.  Set out a basket or some small container to collect the breakfast tickets.  Set out salt/pepper shakers, syrup, etc. as needed for that day.

Follow the menu and recipes for your day of the week. If you are serving something like oatmeal, farina, or grits, please do not plate that food until you start to serve the residents.  You may have the other items already plated, but those particular foods tend to get cold fast and congeal!  We use small bowls for that type of food.

Please open the grate at the serving counter at 7 am.  Collect breakfast tickets as the residents come through.  Each resident should only take one serving.  If someone has more than one ticket, they can take that number of servings, as sometimes mothers get food for all of the kids, etc.

If the resident does not want all of the types of food served, it is ok to give them a plate with just one of the items on it.

At 7:15 call SECONDS if there are any plates or items left over. Close the grate at 7:25-7:30.

You do not have to do any of the clean-up.  All of our residents have jobs to do, and there is a breakfast clean-up crew to do that work.

Coffee: The residents make their own coffee.  If we have any sugar, sweetener, or creamer, you may put that out by the coffee pot – we usually do not have any so they just have black coffee.  Juice:  If there are containers of juice of juice type drinks in the cooler, put out several.  We do not always have a drink and in that case, they have water available. Milk:  If we have milk, serve as much as possible as it usually will expire within a day or two.

Thank you for your service and have a wonderful day!