Community Crossroads Center is a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is not affiliated with the city of Greenville, Pitt County or any other governmental organization. Through collaboration with the city, county, state and federal entities we work to end homelessness in our community. It is the only emergency shelter in Pitt County and at full capacity can house a total of 98 residents.

Since being chartered in 1987, Community Crossroads has been in continuous operation and has never had to shut it's doors and has remained open throughout a global pandemic, weather emergencies and financial uncertainty. This is in large part to the generous donations of individuals and groups throughout the history of the shelter. The annual budget is comprised of approximately 80% donations from private individuals and groups and 20% government sponsored grants.

Shelter services include temporary housing, meals, and supportive services. Our goal is to empower residents so that they can find or maintain employment and permanent housing. Residents receive individual case management services to enable them to identify and achieve short term goals that will equip them to transition back into permanent housing and a stable living situation.