WorkFirst Emergency housing assistance

The WorkFirst Emergency Housing Assistance Program serves Pitt County families whose income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and who are facing eviction and/or homelessness.

Applicants must live in Pitt County, have a minor child in the home and have income.

Applicants may qualify for assistance with back rent or for security deposits and/or first month’s rent when moving into new arrangements to avoid homelessness.

Assistance is not guaranteed.  Applicants may receive assistance from this program one time only.

The mission of the program is to assist families in acquiring and maintaining housing self-sufficiency in order to avoid eviction and homelessness.

Applicants must also be able to demonstrate an ability to maintain the living arrangements on an ongoing basis once any arrearages are cleared.  A typical assessment is that rent cannot exceed 35% of the applicant’s income.
Applicants must call Community Crossroads at 252-752-0829 for a phone screening for eligibility to pick up an application. Please do not email for eligibility as it may delay the process.

Below are some success stories about how this program has helped recent clients:

1. Recent client had a Summary of Ejectment and facing eviction. Client states, “the property has changed ownership, and the rent has increased significantly, making it hard to maintain monthly.” Client and minor child are facing homelessness; they have been couch-surfing with various family members. Although the client works full-time, securing a deposit and the first month's rent was a burden. Thanks to the 200% Work First Rental Assistance program, the client has secured housing with “The Residences of Greenville."

“I want to thank you for everything you've done! I pray that God continues to bless you to be able to be a blessing to others.”

 2. Recent client currently lives with her family and has suffered financial insecurities due to covid. The client now works PT with USPS but doesn't work enough hours to secure housing. The client states, before COVID, I was working FT hours and had my apartment; when USPS cut my hours, I got behind on my rent and never caught up.” After three months of searching and countless applications, the client meets the 200% Work First Rental Assistance requirement and has found housing.

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Anderson this has made my day. I’m so excited”!!

 3. Greenville Housing Authority referred a client to the 200%Work First rental assistance program.  The client is a Shelter Plus Section-8 Voucher Recipient and seeks assistance with a security deposit. The client is currently living in a unit with GHA; However, the section-8 voucher will allow the client to move the family to a larger rental unit anywhere in Pitt County. The client says, "my family is growing, and we tight in the apartment we are in now. I thank GHA for housing my family, but I'm so excited to be moving on to something larger." The client has secured housing and the 200%Work First rental assistance will pay the security deposit for the unit.

"Thank you, Mrs. Anderson; I had no idea that a program like this existed. I knew I would have had difficulty paying the deposit; I recently returned to work, and money is tight! Again, my family, thank you so much!"