Center News
November 29, 2016
The Honor Card Event: How'd We Do?
Bob Williams presenting at the 2016 Honor Card Event

The 2016 Honor Card event kicked off Thursday the 17th at 6:00PM at St. James United Methodist Church. Music was provided by the St. James Jammers. We had about 85 people show for the event, including youth from First Christian Church, who held the “Out of the Box” fundraiser this past spring. Attendees were given an update on what we have accomplished this past year as well as some insight into our vision of the future, a Resource Center for Greenville. We also introduced 3 successful past residents to the audience. These three people are what we are all about, helping people become self-sufficient and good citizens of our community. Community Crossroads Center thanks St. James UMC for hosting us this year as well as William Mangum for his ongoing support for the homeless in North Carolina.We made $4,500 from the event, all of which will go to support our residents in their journey to self-sufficiency!We are thankful to the participants who came out for such an amazing event including the youth from First Christian Church. Three of our past residents spoke to the audience about their success. We are also thankful to St. James UMC who hosted us this year and William Mangum for his support with the homeless in North Carolina.

The St. James Jammers playing at the 2016 Honor Card Event

Everyone enjoyed home-cooked food and the band The St. James Jammers. This year’s card is beautiful and we are excited for others to enjoy it as well. The Honor Card Event was a wonderful time as it brought in the Christmas Spirit. It brought joy to everyone who attended the event.