Center News
November 20, 2019
Greenville Rotary Club racking it up at the Community Clothes Closet

The Community Clothes Closet has two new clothes racks provided by the Greenville Rotary Club. These racks were very needed for the overflow of generous donations of clothing that we are receiving. The winter coats that we are currently collecting, which are heavy and need strong support have found a place to hang with the three heavy-duty clothes racks donated by the Rotary Club. The Greenville Rotary Club has been very generous to CCC over the years including furniture for the dining hall and we thank the members for their generous donations.

The Community Clothes Closet is currently accepting donations of gently used coats and we are in great need of men's coats.

Members of the Rotary Club pictured here are: Daniel LaRoux, E.T. Vinson, B.J. Myers, Sam Johnson and Jim Bryant.