Center News
April 26, 2021
Covenant Church Comes to the Rescue!

On Saturday, April 24, an incredible event happened when a group of about 40 members of Covenant Church came to our rescue. The Covenant Outreach group was organized by Jennifer Herdman. The workers divided into two groups, one working inside the resource center and the other working on landscaping the entire property. They brought trucks, trailers, yard equipment, and 280 cubic yards of mulch. The outside group miraculously got all of the shrubs around both the shelter and the school (resource center) trimmed or cut down. they picked up all of the trash around the bushes, weeded and spread mulch. They did all of this in two and a half hours!! It looks beautiful!!

The group inside the resource center filled an entire dumpster with materials that had to be removed from the resource center. They filled a truck with useable boxes of clothing, household items, and toys and transported them to the Salvation Army. The entire truck was filled to the brim! Again, it took only two hours for these wonderful volunteers to rescue all of the salvageable material from the resource center. This group also brought their children. The older children helped outside and the younger children graced the sidewalk up to the shelter with scripture verses. The beautiful girls had a good time spreading the gospel with sidewalk chalk. Thank you all!!