Center News
September 2, 2020

Christmas is only a few short months away and the Honor Cards are available now. Please help us help those who have stumbled along life’s path and are homeless. The Honor Card is a great way to support Community Crossroads Center and share the message of need by honoring a friend or family member through its donation. With a minimum donation of $5 per card, individuals can send the card to family and friends letting them know they have donated to the shelter in their honor. One hundred percent of proceeds goes directly to help support Community Crossroads Center.

Due to time constraints, we are no longer offering to have the names printed inside.

Use the Buy Now below to Pre-Order Your cards today. We will receive the cards in early November. Once they are available, Our Administrative Assistant, Kimberly Pontarelli, will contact you to pick them up, set up delivery if you are local, or mail them to you.

Inside of the Card

This year's theme is "You're gonna be ok". "No one could have ever imagined the impact of what the coronavirus has done to our lives and the world around us. The quarantines and self isolation only gives a glimpse of what aloneness feels like. But every setback is also an opportunity to recover and a chance to become stronger. We have learned to cope and deal with difficult and unexpected developments and it has lead us to use skills that we didn’t know we possessed and has given us a passion to move forward despite the darkness the viral epidemic has caused. This hinderance in our lifestyle hopefully has moved on and we have realigned ourselves back to our routines that bring us comfort. Yet many have been forced to step back and rebuild themselves. Many have lost jobs and unemployment figures have reached unprecedented highs. Many businesses with storied histories, no longer exist, creating a new search for life and meaning. It may be the closest to homelessness and insecurity that we have ever sensed before. Insecurities if even for a short while lead us to reevaluate once again truly what is priority in our life and what we can and can’t live without. It’s a plight the needy struggle with every day. The path forward is never perfectly straight and unhindered. You’ve encountered doubts, fears and challenges before and successfully worked your way through them. But there are times when a helping hand, an encouraging word reminds us how we can effectively cope with the difficulties that hinder us at this moment. In the tough times of life are the seeds of great beauty, joy and fulfillment. It’s an opportunity for us to rise above our selfishness and make a change for the better, helping those that have stumbled along life’s path to take one positive step. We are His instruments of outreach and not forsaking those in need. The Honor Card is a marvelous way to recognize a friend or family member and at the same time impacting a local outreach agency to support the needy and homeless this season. Blessing to you this Holiday Season." William H. Mangum.

What the Honor Card Means And How It Works

This program spans across North Carolina and is a very successful partnership between many shelters such as Community Crossroads Center in Greenville, NC, as well as numerous donors such as Wells Fargo Bank. The ability to use one’s skills and passion in order to reach out to less advantaged communities is very honorable and can be the determining factor of whether or not a particular family sleeps inside with a full stomach instead of on the street at night. We encourage you to support the annual honor program and be the difference maker in the lives of homeless families throughout your community.At CCC our mission is “Serving the homeless and those at risk of homelessness by providing safe housing, and assisting them in developing a long term plan that leads to self-sufficiency.”. Programs such as the Annual Honor Card program keep this mission alive and enable us to contribute to a cause greater than ourselves here at CCC. We also consider it vital to our mission that we can find new avenues and methods in which the surrounding community can use CCC as a means of having a positive impact on the homeless population in their own community. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Mangum, we have one more great opportunity to make a great difference in our community and the lives of hundreds of homeless families as well.