Center News
March 16, 2020
A Message from Our Director

Dear friends,Community Crossroads Center simply could not carry out it's important mission without your generosity and support. In 2019, we provided services to 629 different residents, including 60 children. You helped us serve our residents over 57,000 meals last year. In these perilous times of COVID-19, we need your support now more than ever.The health, safety and well-being of our residents and volunteers is of paramount importance. We are working closely with medical and public health officials to reduce the risks as much as possible. From the resident side, we have already and will continue to implement new protocols as this situation evolves.In order to limit the number of people going and coming from the facility, we are, effective immediately, suspending all non-essential volunteer services. The only volunteer service that will continue at present is food preparation. To the extent possible, we ask that all volunteers who provide food, to continue doing so. We operate with very lean staffing and budget. Your assistance in feeding our residents on a daily basis is invaluable.For now, our kitchen will remain open for your use, if you so choose, but we encourage the following:1) If possible, please prepare food offsite and drop it off in the kitchen. In order to limit your interaction with residents, we will have staff and residents serve the food;2) While normally we welcome and very much appreciate all hands on deck, we now ask that you limit the number of people involved in the preparation of each meal;3) It is imperative that no volunteer participate in the preparation of food if experiencing ANY OF THE FOLLOWING, NO MATTER HOW MINOR (fever, coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing). Additionally, if you or any member of your household has recently traveled to a high risk location, is experiencing any of the above symptoms or has been diagnosed with the COVID-19, do not participate in the preparation of food;4) Hand hygiene is of paramount importance. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin food preparation and use gloves. If you touch your face, mouth or nose, remove your gloves, wash your hands and use a new pair of gloves.In the event a resident is diagnosed with COVID-19, public health officials will be immediately notified and the above protocol will be changed. We will do everything we can to keep you and our residents as safe as possible. We value and need your continued support. Without your generosity, support and service, we would have long since closed the doors of Community Crossroads. For 32 years now, through all sorts of weather, natural disasters, financial turmoil, and tough times, the doors to Community Crossroads Center have always remained open. Remarkably, not one time in nearly 12,000 days, have our doors ever closed. With your help, we will weather this storm too.If there is someone or some organization that I missed on this email, please forward with my regrets.Respectfully,Ken BeckerExecutive DirectorCommunity Crossroads Center207 Manhattan Avenue | Greenville North Carolina 27834Phone: (252) 752 - 0829 | Fax: (252) 752 -