Our Programs

Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter provides homeless adults and families temporary shelter and meals. On-site programs, Shelter staff, and community volunteers help clients access resources for independent living. The program emphasis is to help clients set short-term goals that will equip them for relocation into a stable environment upon exiting the Shelter. Maximum length of occupancy is six months.

  • 98-bed capacity: 58 men, 24 women and 4 Family Rooms, all are housed separately, filled on a first come, first served basis
  • Structured communal living arrangement including assigned chores

Case management assessment involving community resource networking with the Employment Security Commission, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Work First, Legal Services, Mental Health services, Social Security Administration, Public Health services and others.

Intake Procedures

Our Intake hours for the emergency shelter are from 6pm -8pm, seven days a week.
1. Client must provide proof of homelessness. Proof of homelessness can be a letter from another homeless shelter or a transitional program, an eviction notice or letter from landlord indicating his intent to begin eviction proceedings, a letter from other household members clearly stating reason for homelessness.
2. Client must have a state issued photo I.D.
3. If minor children will accompany parent, we need a Birth Certificate for each child.

Agencies, hospitals, and correctional facilities, please use our referral form.  Once complete, fax it to our office at 252-752-8766 along with a copy of a State Issued Photo ID of client needing to come in.   We will not accept the referral forms without a copy of the State Issued ID.

Also, please read the guideline for homelessness verification prior to sending the referral.

Due to the shelter housing families and children, we do not take sex offenders.

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

The TANF program, also known as the 200% Program, is a program offered by the Community Crossroads Center which may provide assistance for families with children under the age of 18 years old. Assistance that the program may offer includes housing services, such as:

  • first month’s rent
  • security deposit
  • utilities deposit

No assistance is guaranteed and is only a one-time help.  The mission of the 200% program is to assist families in acquiring and maintaining self-sufficiency and also to increase the family’s ability to improve housing/financial stability. By providing 100% of these needs for a limited time, we hope to generate 200% more stability for families in the long-term. It is the intent of the program to prevent families from becoming homeless and to keep families in a stable environment.

A referral is required in order to be considered for potential assistance.