These elementary students raised $250 in one week to fight homelessness

These Chicod Elementary School Junior Beta Club members distributed our house-shaped coin banks throughout their school for one week and collected $250.00 to help us fight homelessness.

A photo of the elementary students who raised $250 in one week to fight homelessness

We are truly inspired by these elementary students and what they were able to accomplish in just one week. They are the future leaders who will help end homelessness once and for all.

According to a recent report from the Case Foundation, young people like these students are not alone. The youth of today are passionate about volunteering and raising money for charities, and by the year 2020, they will make up 50% of the workforce. Of Millennial employees surveyed for the report, or employees born after 1979, a full 92% felt they were actively contributing to a company having a positive effect on the world.

Many companies, schools, and non-profits have less direct ways of demonstrating their social responsibility. These organizations often inspire employee and student passion and sense of worth by encouraging young people to sponsor organization-wide causes. Either way, organizations that want their employees or students to positively affect the world must show how they can do good things through volunteering and fundraising.

Our house-shaped coin banks are an innovative way to collect donations for us. Are you a small business, school, or non-profit? Why not stop by to pick up some coin banks and see if you can do even better? How much can your organization collect to fight homelessness in one week?

A photo of one of our house-shaped coin banks, which are easy to distribute; pick up yours today to help us fight homelessness


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