Help Fight Homelessness – Think Outside the Box!

Sponsor a Youth to Help the Homeless

A homeless man sleeping in a cardboard box, published to "Help Fight Homelessness"
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WHO: Salt & Light Youth of First Christian Church

WHAT: The Youth will spend a night in a cardboard box to raise money and generate awareness for homelessness

WHEN: Friday, May 5th @ 5:30pm – Saturday, May 6th @ 8am

WHERE: First Christian Church front lawn

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Sponsor a Youth!

What If the Roof Over Your Head Was Made of Cardboard?

Please consider joining forces with the Youth of First Christian Church as we raise awareness and money for the homeless. Donations can be any amount; no donation is too small. Please see a Youth if you are interested in being a sponsor. We appreciate any and all support of this important outreach. 100% of our monies raised will go to support the Community Crossroads Center.

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