What The Honor Card Means to Our Shelter

The 2018 Honor Card, "Almost Home," published to Purchase and Honor Card and Help Save a Life and What The Honor Card Means
Since 1988, more than 500,000 Honor Cards have been purchased and sent to friends and family members to help fight homelessness through the annual honor card program. These $5 Honor cards are beautiful works of art by Mr. William Mangun, a very generous artist which began this program over three decades ago in order to reach out to the homeless community.

What the Honor Card Means And How It Works

This program spans across North Carolina and is a very successful partnership between many shelters such as Community Crossroads Center in Greenville, NC as well as numerous donors such as Wells Fargo Bank. The ability to use one’s skills and passion in order to reach out to less advantaged communities is very honorable and can be the determining factor of whether or not a particular family sleeps inside with a full stomach instead of on the street at night. We encourage you to come out and support the annual honor program, purchase some beautiful art, and be the difference maker in the lives of homeless families throughout your community.

At CCC our mission is “Serving the homeless and those at risk of homelessness by providing safe housing, and assisting them in developing a long term plan that leads to self-sufficiency.”. Programs such as the Annual Honor Card program keep this mission alive and enable us to contribute to a cause greater than ourselves here at CCC.  We also consider it vital to our mission that we can find new avenues and methods in which the surrounding community can use CCC as a means of having a positive impact on the homeless population in their own community. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Mangun, we have one more great opportunity to make a great difference in our community and the lives of hundreds of homeless families as well.

Please join us 5:30 – 7pm on the 13th of November, 2018 at the Villedge for the Unveiling of This Year’s Honor Card


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