Volunteer Hair Stylists Helping the Homeless

The crew from Ulta Beauty, published as part of "Volunteer Hair Stylists Helping the Homeless"Blake Roberts, Jennie Roberson, Corri Hill and Patty Alt, from Ulta Beauty, came and showed their love and compassion for the local homeless… by cutting and styling their hair!

On the 3rd Monday of each month women from Ulta Beauty come out to cut and style the residents’ hair. This week we had the privilege of welcoming Blake Roberts, Jennie Roberson, Corri Hill and Patty Alt to work with our residents. They came together excited to help and decided to volunteer their time to those in need at the Community Crossroad Center here in Greenville. This is especially important for the residents because many don’t have the money to spend on a haircut that can cost anywhere from fifteen to forty-five dollars in Greenville.

Going without a haircut for too long can lead to lice or scalp infections resulting in poor hygiene and health. This is also very important because it can help the men and women increase their self-esteem and self-confidence which can lead to many positive outcomes and opportunities in their lives. Cutting their hair allows the men and women to look more professional and clean which in turn can help with their odds in employment. We believe the smallest acts of kindness towards these people in need can forever change their hearts and encourage them to get back on their feet. This is why we are extremely grateful for these women coming to cut our residents hair. This gives them the ability to look and feel great which is something we want for everyone in this world, especially the less fortunate. We want to send a huge thank you to those at Ulta Beauty and these amazing four women! Little differences like this make the world of difference to someone else.


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