The Out of the Box Homelessness Fundraiser 2018

The Salt and Light Youth group presenting a check for $7,000 to Bob Williams, published to "Fundraising for Homelessness: Salt and Light Youth Group Raise $7,000 in Annual Out of the Box Event" and "The Out of the Box Homelessness Fundraiser 2018"

The Out of the Box homelessness fundraiser was started by the First Christian Church in Greenville, North Carolina. The purpose of the event is to raise funds and awareness for the effort to fight homelessness in Greenville. Last year, the First Christian Church raised thousands of dollars and are hoping improve on it for this year.

The event is comprised of students of Greenville City Schools. Each student will build a cardboard box and spend the night of May 4th in the box alone. Each student will have at least three sponsors for their box (of whom pledge $25 each). The students can obtain as many sponsors as they want and ask for non-sponsor donations. Every student will keep track of these donations with a donation sheet obtained from First Christian Church upon sign ups. Non-monetary donations for the fundraiser are welcome, the needed items can viewed at:

The event will be held on May 4th at the First Christian Church 2810 E 14th St, Greenville, NC. Participants will arrive after school and will prepare for the night. Outdoor activities organized by First Christian Church will be held throughout the day and into the evening before the students are ready to settle in for the night.

Community Crossroads Center is proud not only to work along side the First Christian Church to put on this event, but our very own Executive Director Bob Williams will be joining the students for the night. Mr. Williams will be right next to the student participates and talking with them and the community about the importance of the event to Community Crossroads Center and the city of Greenville.

To learn more about this event and how to participate please contact First Christian Church:

Phone: (252) 756-3138


We will post more information on our website nearing the event at:


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