Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the Volunteers who have been providing bag lunches to the residents at Community Crossroads Center.  Normally, our residents do not get to eat lunch, but thanks to our volunteers, they are getting to eat 3 meals per day.

We are asking that you prepare and deliver 20 bag lunches to Shelter for residents.  Please visit to create an account.  In the search feature, search for  This will take you to our sign up.  Click the date(s) you would like to bring 20 individually bagged lunches for residents to include: a sandwich (Peanut butter and jelly preferred due to refrigeration issues), chips, fruit (fresh or packaged) and water (water does not need to be in the bag).  Any additional items are welcome as long as they do not need refrigeration. If you are including an item that needs an eating utensil, please include that utensil.

The date you are signing up for is the delivery date (this is different from our first sign up).  Monday thru Friday at the office between 8am – 3:30pm or the Shelter residents’ entrance 6pm-8pm. Saturday and Sunday to the Residents’ entrance 6pm-8pm.

Thank you for your generosity.

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