Thank You Julie and MIkki

Mikki Moser has been our Volunteer Coordinator for the past year.  With her help and coordination we have been able to do some incredible things with the assistance of our overwhelming support of volunteers.

As we venture further in providing assistance not only to our residents here at Community Crossroads Center, but to the community as well, Julie Morrow is stepping in to fulfill the role as Volunteer Coordinator. We will have new opportunities for volunteers, such as helping organize clothes for Iva’s clothing closet and respite volunteers for our “Respite Quarters” (basically a day center for people that should not be outside during the time frames that the Center is not open).

You may contact Julie by emailing

Thank you for all that you have done Mikki and thank you Julie for all that you are about to do.  The Board of Directors, staff, residents and community thank you for your compassion and willingness to help those that are less fortunate.

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