Spare Change Rocks To Fight Homelessness

The band Spare Change rocks to fight homelessness at the Greenville Hilton

We featured the band Spare Change for an exclusive, private concert event Friday, March 13th at 7 PM at the Greenville HiltonFundraising events like this one help us keep up with the major day-to-day activities we provide community members, such as food, shelter, job assistance, and emotional and physical support. In other words: fundraising helps us fight homelessness.

Based in La Grange, NC, Spare Change got their start in 2002 as a 4 piece band made up of a group of friends. Traveling throughout the southeast, this band grew into what is today one of the most sought after bands in their market. Spare Change has grown to be a favorite for festival goers, corporate parties, wedding receptions, nightclubs and more! They energize every function with their diverse selection of music. From rock, country, beach, funk, rap and classic rock, Spare Change is sure to play a favorite of everyone attending. They have played all over the country and bring a measure of high energy and excitement to the stage that is very hard to come by.

We are grateful to both the members of Spare Change and to everyone who came out to the event.

If you’d like to support us in another way, you can also make a separate, tax free donation to support our residents in their journey to achieve self-sufficiency.

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