Haircuts for the Homeless: Local Barbers and Cosmetologists Donate their Services

The barbers and cosmetologists of haircut night, published to "Haircuts for the Homeless: Local Barbers and Cosmetologists"

On the third Monday of every month, area barbers and cosmetologists come to the Community Crossroads Center in the evening to provide free haircuts to the homeless residents.

We are so very fortunate to have wonderful volunteers from the community. These folks feel it is important to help those that are less fortunate by donating their time and talents. More importantly, they are showing their compassion for their fellow citizens of Greenville.

Haircuts for the Homeless Are Just the Start: What You Can Do to Help

Without the help of people in the community, we would not be able to provide the services and positive social interactions that we do. Our biggest need at this time is for help with our breakfast program. We are looking for individuals who can help cook breakfast and can supervise several residents during the cleanup process. We are also looking for individuals that can help with the purchase of the food items and organize a nutritious regular weekly menu schedule.

If you are a professional who provides any kind of service, however, and would like to donate that service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Being homeless means you often don’t have access to the everyday services that ordinary people enjoy.

To learn more, visit our Volunteer page.

We thank everyone that provides support to the homeless in Pitt County and Greenville. Your compassion for those that are less fortunate is greatly appreciated.


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