Out of the Box for Homelessness Fundraiser

An endless sea of cardboard boxes, published to "Out of the Box Homelessness Fundraiser"

Please consider joining forces with the Salt & Light Youth of First Christian Church for their Out of the Box for Homelessness fundraiser. The Youth will raise money and generate awareness for the homelessness.

Upon the Youth’s arrival, they will take their three items that they have been allowed to bring with them and begin to assemble their cardboard box home for the night. They will decorate their boxes and each box will contain one fact about homelessness in the US. They will be fed a meal of soup, sandwiches, water, and protein bars.

Two speakers will talk at the event: Michael Brandon and Zach Cleghorn – both formerly homeless. A prayer service will also be held at the First Christian Church labyrinth. There will be fire pits, music, and other activities for the Youth throughout the night.

Donations can be any amount. No donation is too small! Please see a Youth if you are interested in being a sponsor. We appreciate any and all support of this important outreach. 100% of proceeds raised will go to support the Community Crossroads Center.

At CCC, we are extremely proud of these Youth and all that they have accomplished and will continue to accomplish. They have hearts of servants and are a true blessing to work with.

Event Details

WHO: Salt & Light Youth of First Christian Church

WHAT: The Youth will spend a night in a cardboard box to raise money and generate awareness for homelessness

WHEN: Friday, May 5th @ 5:30pm – Saturday, May 6th @ 8am

WHERE: First Christian Church front lawn

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Sponsor a Youth!


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