Amazing Acts of Generosity: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Donates $3,500

Thanks to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church for their amazing generosity
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church  recently donated $3,500 to Greenville Community Shelter to sponsor one of the offices in our new building. Betty Kruhm (Left) & Mary Johnson (Right) presented a check to Executive Director Bob Williams (Center) on April 17th, 2015. ORLC selected a community non-profit as part of their Lenten service. They began to collect money for the Shelter on Ash Wednesday and continued through Easter Sunday. They also prayed for the shelter and its residents during this ...

Greenville Community Shelters Receives $1,000 Allstate Foundation Grant

Greenville Community Shelters Receives an Allstate Foundation Grant thanks to PHOTO: Derek Perry
Greenville Community Shelters has been approved for an Allstate Agency Hands in the Community $1,000 grant. The Allstate Foundation grant comes in recognition of the community service of Agent Derek Perry. Allstate Foundation grants are awarded to community leaders like Derek and their partnering agencies in order to help make our hometowns better, safer places to live. As a Personal Financial Representative, Derek has worked with many local families. His knowledge and understanding of the...

Homeless Charities: What Do You Get Someone Who Has Nothing?

A homeless man sitting on a bench, published to "The Causes Of Homelessness in Greenville, NC and Beyond"
It is easy to turn a blind eye to those in need. We all have problems of our own: financial, personal, familial. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Homeless charities--including homeless shelters like the Greenville Community Shelter and support networks like the National Coalition for the Homeless--seem to have so many needs. It can be easier just to focus on our own needs and to forget that there are those whose needs are greater than our own. Imagine your life reduce...

Service-Learning Opportunities: Our Own Casey Holland Visits ECU Class

Casey Holland visits a class to discuss service-learning opportunities with local college students
Our own Casey Holland visited an East Carolina University classroom on Monday, April 15th to discuss homelessness and its causes. The class is a service-learning class taught by Dr. Guiseppe Getto. As part of the class, students are developing the social media presence of Greenville Community Shelter through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns. They are also preparing a comprehensive guide to social media that will be delivered to the Shelter at the end of the semester so that we can conti...

Homelessness Success Stories: How Daniel Worked His Way Out of Homelessness

Homelessness Success Stories: A Photo of Daniel
Daniel was homeless for quite some time before he came to Greenville Community Shelter in November 2013. He is a Bronx native and traveled to Greenville because he wanted a fresh start. Daniel spent about five months at the Shelter. During that time, he was able to find a part-time job which qualified him for the Solid Ground program. Solid Ground allows each participant to pay rent based on his or her income and provides case management and home visits to encourage success. According to a...

These elementary students raised $250 in one week to fight homelessness

These elementary students raised $250 in one week to fight homelessness.
These Chicod Elementary School Junior Beta Club members distributed our house-shaped coin banks throughout their school for one week and collected $250.00 to help us fight homelessness. We are truly inspired by these elementary students and what they were able to accomplish in just one week. They are the future leaders who will help end homelessness once and for all. According to a recent report from the Case Foundation, young people like these students are not alone. The youth of toda...

Spare Change Rocks To Fight Homelessness

The band Spare Change rocks to fight homelessness at the Greenville Hilton
We featured the band Spare Change for an exclusive, private concert event Friday, March 13th at 7 PM at the Greenville Hilton. Fundraising events like this one help us keep up with the major day-to-day activities we provide community members, such as food, shelter, job assistance, and emotional and physical support. In other words: fundraising helps us fight homelessness. Based in La Grange, NC, Spare Change got their start in 2002 as a 4 piece band made up of a group of friends. Travelin...

Help Fight Homelessness

Make a Monetary Donation Come Support Youth Fighting Homelessness On the night of May 4th, various youth groups from several churches will be spending the night in cardboard boxes as their way of supporting our mission at Community Crossroads. And this year, Bob Williams, the Executive Director for Community Crossroads Center will be spending the night in a cardboard box with the youth at First Christian Church! For more information on how you can get involved, please contact the Center at...

Staycation Ideas: Students Help Greenville Poverty and Youth through Alternative Break Experience

Staycation ideas can range from immersive volunteering to taking a local vacation; In this image students help with shelter with its cleaning and organization of supplies
"Think local, serve local" is the motto of the Alternative Break Experience Staycation, a new immersive program available through East Carolina University. A "staycation" is an alternative way to take a vacation. Instead of going to a different location, students stay in their own communities and provide valuable services. Staycations and similar Alternative Break Experiences (or ABEs) are catching on at college campuses around the country. Those in need don't get a break just because a l...

Our Own Casey Holland Speaks to WITN Channel 7 about Our Latest Fundraising Event

Our very own Casey Holland spoke on Monday, March 9th at 5:30 AM on WITN Channel 7 about our latest fundraising event. Our Spare Change concert will be happening next Friday, March 13th at the Greenville Hilton, and is our main fundraising event for the first half of the year. 80% of our operating budget is generated from local donations and proceeds from fundraisers. With the recent extreme weather in the last few weeks the Shelter has been open 24/7 and this has greatly increased our...